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Working With Steve

The way I work is simple. Due to the convenience of the internet it has never been easier to share work with clients. It’s fast, it’s easy! Here's how...


Send your files (wavs) over via your preferred method, for example Wetransfer or Drop Box. Include some helpful notes or reference tracks/rough mix, anything that you feel would help me quickly understand the direction you would like the mix to take.


I will import your files into a Pro Tools session and begin the mix


Once finished I will bounce the mix to a high quality mp3 and send back for you to approve.


Maybe you feel a tweak or two are needed? No problem! Gather your notes together, email them over and I’ll resend the mix with your changes applied. We can keep doing this until you are happy. There is no extra charge here, the most important thing is to make sure the mix is right for you!


Once you approve the mix, I will send the completed Hi Rez version over to you

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